Hi! I am Navjinder.

A full-stack developer based in Toronto. Currently, I am working as a Manager, Web Experience at Distributel, a division of Bell Canada.

I like solving problems using Javascript, RESTful API, Joomla, PHP, Mysql, MongoDb, Flussonic, ePub, Angulajs, Vuejs, React, Lodash, Webpack, Twig, Laravel, Gulp, Nodejs, Linux, nginx, Apache, Electronjs, git, Hubspot, Dreamfactory (API CMS), Prismic (Headless CMS); I also like to indulge myself in Art & Poetry once in a while.

I sell some of my design here and here. You could also get a hand drawn portrait printed on fine paper (think of it as a unique gift).

Connect with me on Linkedin or email for full-stack, front-end, backend technology projects and/or consultation.