Hi! I am Navjinder.

A full-stack developer based in Toronto. Currently, I am working as a Manager, Web Experience at Distributel Communications Ltd.

I like solving problems using Javascript, RESTful API, Joomla, PHP, Mysql, MongoDb, Flussonic, ePub, Angulajs, Vuejs, React, Lodash, Webpack, Twig, Laravel, Gulp, Nodejs, Linux, nginx, Apache, Electronjs, git; I also like to indulge myself in Art & Poetry once in a while.

I sell some of my design here and here. You could also get a hand drawn portrait printed on fine paper (think of it as a unique gift).

Occasionally, I ramble my thoughts into the abyss.

Connect with me on Linkedin or email for full-stack, front-end, backend technology projects and/or consultation.